High capacity, all-electric refrigeration on the road. Or off.

The Electra trailer refrigeration system is the highest capacity all-electric nosemount on the road. It's also the highest capacity refrigeration system off the road - for warehouse applications. The Electra system is equipped with reliable solid-state controls, durable 06DR compressor, and HCFC Refrigerant-22, standard.Electra from Carrier Transicold

  • Durapak Carrier compressor. Durable, serviceable model 06DR hermetic compressor, designed exclusively for refrigeration duty. Its bug 36.6 cubic inch (600cm³) displacement delivers the industry's highest capacity of any all-electric nosemount.
  • Compressor piston rings on precision ground pistons reduce blowby and high oil circulation, helping maintain high compressor and evaporator efficiency even as the operating hours mount.
  • Control system. Solid-state control system includes thermostat, relays, diodes and circuit breakers that plug in for easy service. The thermostat never needs calibration. And solid-state sensing provides faster response to changes in reefer air temperature to hold the load at the desired temperature.
  • All steel frame is stronger than aluminum and can be repaired by most any welder, most anywhere.
  • Defrost air switch. Located in the condenser section where it can be easily serviced from outside the trailer.
  • Stainless steel evaporator hardware prevents corrosion.
  • Addressed wire coding makes point-to-point wire tracing easier.
  • Service and maintenance. All serviceable components are easily accessible.
  • Warehouse systems are available with evaporator extensions for 8", 12" or 16" thick walls.
  • Low voltage. The 12-volt DC control circuit means safety in servicing.
  • Optional plug-in test modules. Save time and money on troubleshooting and service. One module tells your mechanic whether or not the system's electrical circuits are O.K. The other checks the solid-state temperature control board.
  • Standard Varipower capacity control system. Can cut your power consumption - and cost - up to 40%. Runs the six-cylinder compressor on two cylinders for perishable loads and four cylinders for frozen loads. Helps prevent top freezing on perishable loads, while reducing product dehydration and trailer breathing.

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